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The wait is over!!! As the school opens its gates and uniforms, bags, timetables and hectic schedules return-it makes us nostalgic. It's now time to wipe off the dust from the school bells and ring them loud - a bold symbol of the warmth and life of school. The most awaited time is back after nearly two years!!! It feels good to see the world falling back into place again. Teachers and friends awaiting us in the classrooms, playgrounds filled with the giggles of children. Love, laughter and friendship fill the air.

 "Where there is hope there is life." We have completely justified this phrase. Even after being confined to our rooms for such a long time, we held on to the hope which never let the room in our minds to darken with despair. We defied all odds and made it through…


The youthful, talented, and enthusiastic writers of our institution have put forward amazing ideas, woven into words, showcasing their inner talents. We can witness their voices through their loud and expressive write-ups that will make you ponder. The teeming ideas of our fellow students are presented here in the various poems, write-ups, and artworks that will keep you engaged and delighted.

This is the first newsletter edition after the post-pandemic era and it has carved a vital place in our hearts. The publication of this newsletter wouldn't have been possible without a lot of planning and hard work. The team members had to work shoulder-to-shoulder to make this feasible. We are thankful to all the writers who came forward to pen down their precious thoughts. We would also like to acknowledge the guidance of our teachers who kept us under their umbrella of expertise. 

 Finally, on behalf of our team, we would like to congratulate all the contributors for being a part of this marvellous journey. We also hope that this newsletter of ours would leave no stone unturned to entertain our readers. 

- Riddhima Singhal (XB)

- Jahnavi Deep (VIII D)




Farewell Of D.K Sir

"Not every goodbye marks the end, some mark a new beginning."

This year marks a somber milestone in our school's journey throughout the years. It must be written down in golden letters on our school's history pages, as it marks a new start for our respected and beloved Principal Sir. 

A Principal with such determination to quench our thirst for knowledge can never be erased from our hearts. We wish our source of inspiration and our idol, our dear Principal - D. K. Sir, humongous good luck as he continues with his motive to inspire more and more students.

"One child, one teacher,

one pen and one book

can change the world."

-   Malala Yousafzai

Pandemic changed the whole world and  the world of education being no exception. ‘New Normal’ not only became a fashionable terminology but will remain a cliché till we understand its use in the modern education system.

The lockdown did open a lot of avenues for creative and innovative ways of teaching. Teachers have learnt to utilise technology to create student-centric methodologies. The technology that was perceived as a threat at some point came to the aid of the teachers in taking forward the teaching learning process thus bursting the myth. This brought back the saying ‘as long as there is a teacher and a student present, education continues.”

The first day to school and back to the classrooms was unusual and emotional for both students and the teaching community. Adorned with welcome messages, balloons and posters, the school wore a festive look as we saw students happily hopping back to the school after a long gap of almost 2 years. Students were very excited to return to school despite the Covid norms. The first day breaking the usual routine started with sharing more information about the Covid related safety rules. 

The readiness and enthusiasm of the students, teachers and the school administration to adapt to the new set of rules made it easier. The anxiety among the parents was very much visible. Keeping students calm and helping them to cope back into the everyday routine was a challenge. With the continued efforts from teachers, we slowly overcame all these and completed a term filled with fun, laughter, togetherness and lots of activities. It was indeed a rollercoaster ride with everyone building a social connect with each other. It is not ‘back’ to school but zeal to move forward with a coalesced approach.  

Ms. Sunanda Ajith

(Coordinator- Nursery to Grade 3)

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